E: leehillman@yahoo.co.uk | T: 07977 040 317

Born and bred in the South Wales valleys, I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic, creative and ambitious designer. With skills in all areas of design, my work ranges from print to screen-based outcomes, with a keen interest in the time-honoured craft of bookbinding.

Producing handcrafted books on a daily basis, there is a concrete sense of satisfaction felt in transforming sheets of paper or other media into the codex form, I have a definitive love for paper and textured material. I am fascinated with this traditional craft and the aesthetic qualities the book possess, with the use of fine quality materials used and traditional techniques and methods that are utilised. The tactile nature, and even the smell of paper is what drew me to the traditional methods of design.

Yet what attracted me to design is the important role it plays in communicating ideas, and the opportunities it gives to experiment with traditional media and computer based applications. I find it hard to think of an area of contemporary life that is not touched by design in some form.

This experience of finding new effects, new ideas and new ways of communicating, gives me a sense of fulfilment knowing that someday, my work will be used in the design world.

This digital presence has been created to showcase my work, and to potentially show the rest of the world just a small sample of what I have to offer the craft and design community.

Please feel free to have a look around. If there is anything that appeals to you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with your queries and comments.